Blaine Capital LLC Investment Manager | William B. Smith
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Blaine Capital, LLC was founded in 2016 by Wall Street veteran William B. Smith. Mr. Smith is the President and Chief Investment Officer of the firm and is responsible for shaping, communicating and executing the firm’s investment outlook and strategy.

Mr. Smith has focused on event driven investment analysis since 1992. He launched his eponymously named asset management firm in 1997 to concentrate on capital markets and investment management. After a successful 19-year run, Mr. Smith merged his investment management operations with a larger advisor firm where he assumed the role of Chief Investment Officer before launching Blaine Capital.

Mr. Smith is a frequent guest on CNBC and is often quoted in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

Our Approach

We are an event-driven investment manager analyzing and investing in stocks with a catalyst: corporate reorganization, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

We isolate target investments based on management’s ability to allocate capital that is beneficial to shareholders. This could be share repurchase programs, dividend increases and/or special dividends.

Our investment strategy focuses on our in-depth valuation of our target investments. We acquire stakes in the target company at what we believe is a steep discount to the company’s true value.

We believe that every equity position in the portfolio has a catalyst that can lead to price appreciation. We ignore media hype and market noise. We take advantage of security mispricings resulting from short term dislocations in the market place.

Our Solutions

Blaine Capital, LLC manages two primary portfolios for institutions, bank trust departments, family offices and high net worth individuals on a separate account basis (SMA):

Concentrated equity portfolio of a small number of names, weighted by conviction. Positions are entered after extensive research to identify a catalyst and exit point target and will be held until this is achieved.

Includes a fixed income allocation customizable to an investor’s risk profile.

We typically hold 15-30 long equity positions, each position with a catalyst that can create potential appreciation for shareholders. We will exit our position when the event we are anticipating is realized or if our investment thesis is proven incorrect.