Who We Are - Blaine Capital LLC
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Who We Are

Let’s Start With Who We Aren’t

We don’t follow trends, we don’t rely on algorithms or on excel spreadsheets full of stale data that’s already priced into a stock.

The genesis of the investment strategy that we’ve deployed diligently for 23 years was our Chief Investment Officer’s experience analyzing Mergers & Acquisitions in the early 1990s.

In the ensuing three decades and countless boom and bust cycles, we’ve held to it.

These Are Our Principles

We don’t follow the market. We buy because we believe there is a catalyst. This is the basis for non-correlation and lower volatility.

We don’t limit or constrain ourselves by market cap or geography or even time horizon.

We invest with conviction. That’s not only our positioning strategy- it’s our risk management strategy too.

Why are these our principles? Because we want to deliver to our clients an all-weather strategy that can perform consistently and provide true non-correlation to other assets.  Our clients want to keep and grow what they have.  And by doing that for them, we’ve managed to keep and grow our client base at a remarkably consistent pace.

What We Offer

We structure our strategies to provide consistent, long-term investment performance that is not correlated to the equity markets.

Since inception, our clients have been institutions, family offices, and high net worth individuals who view investing with a sophisticated approach that places risk management first.  We understand that growth balanced with preservation of capital is the goal, and that lower volatility is a priority. We don’t believe in hedging because we think it leads to overconfidence.  If the risk of a given position is a concern, our rule is: Don’t invest.

This is how we’ve built a history of successful investments, one position at a time.

We work collaboratively with our clients, whether through an investment committee or one-on-one. We built our investing knowledge by taking apart corporate structures and understanding what worked and what didn’t. When it came time to start our own firm – our first principle was to create a structure that was flexible enough to move quickly, while at the same time incorporated best practices for governance and accountability.

As we have grown and evolved over the years, we’ve reached a state that marries technology to our process in a completely transparent way, allowing us to focus on the portfolio while meeting all regulatory and client needs.