Who We Are - Blaine Capital LLC
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Who We Are

Blaine Capital, LLC was founded in 2016 by Wall Street veteran William B. Smith. Mr. Smith is the President and Chief Investment Officer of the firm and is responsible for shaping, communicating and executing the firm’s investment outlook and strategy.

Blaine Capital, based in New York based, is an event driven Investment Manager that analyzes and invests in the public equity and debt securities of companies that trade at steep discounts to Private Market Value (PMV) and Sum-of-Parts (SOP) valuations.

Mr. Smith has focused on event driven investment analysis since 1992 before launching his eponymously named asset management firm in 1997 that concentrated on capital markets and investment management. After a successful 19 year run, Mr. Smith merged his investment management operations with a larger advisor firm where he assumed the role of Chief Investment Officer before launching Blaine Capital.

In today’s high frequency and algorithm fueled investment climate, Blaine Capital is a throwback to the days of fundamental research and rigorous analysis, preferring to look at hard assets trading at steep discounts to their Private Market Value. Every equity position has a catalyst that we believe can lead to price appreciation. We ignore media hype and market noise preferring to take advantage of mispriced securities due to short term dislocations in the market place.

Mr. Smith is a frequent guest on CNBC and is often quoted in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.