What We Do - Blaine Capital LLC
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What We Do

Blaine Capital, LLC is an event driven Investment Manager analyzing and investing in corporate reorganization, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and new product launches. Blaine Capital also isolates target investments based on management’s ability to allocate capital that is beneficial to shareholders in the form of share repurchase programs, dividend increases and special dividends.

Our investment strategy focuses on the ultimate Private Market Value (PMV) or Sum-of-Parts (SOP) valuation of our target investments. We attempt to acquire stakes in the target company at what we believe is a steep discount to the PMV/SOP. We do not have a typical holding time as our positions can be held for months or many years.

We typically hold 30-35 long equity positions, each position with a catalyst that can create potential appreciation for shareholders.

We will typically exit our position when the event we are anticipating is realized or if our investment thesis is proven incorrect.

Blaine Capital, LLC is an all-cap Investment Manager that invests in the public equity and debt of small to mega capitalization corporations.